The South Jersey Boardriders takes its inspiration from the world famous Australian Boardriders Clubs by providing inter-club competition, hometown pride and charitable works.


SJ Boardriders provides the growth of a broad-based approach to surf contests by integrating generations and genders of surfers to compete for their respective home towns in a team format. This instills a communal spirit contrary to the selfish endeavor of traditional surfing competitions. Membership in the club is not restricted to only those who want to compete for their towns, it’s quite the contrary. The Boardriders is designed to broaden the base of surfing throughout our beautiful barrier islands. It’s mission is to mentor, educate and provide charity for our beach communities. SJ Boardriders teaches ocean awareness and safety through our schools. It provides surfing equipment to underprivileged local children through board drives and fundraising. 



The large competitive inter-club events showcase the amazing talent of our local athletes and provide an outlet for friendly rousting and ultimately crowning the gnarliest South Jersey surf town. While still enjoying hi fives and positive reinforcement among the clubs. 


The SJ Boardriders club is a Non-profit organization that aims to provide amateur based team competition for boardriders clubs throughout South Jersey and on the national stage as well. Fundraising will include local sponsorship, social events and branding sponsorship opportunities at surf events. A portion of fundraising goes directly to the education of local school children focusing on ocean awareness and safety. Also funds will benefit underprivileged local children through surf lessons and equipment donations. Finally there will be allocation for equipment, club contests, training and travel for out of area competition. 

The competition is a tag team format.


7 divisions:


14 & under






Women all ages 

Each team has 4 surfers in each division for a total of 28 athletes.